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The (SF) Thankgiving Pie Bible

Now that we've provided you with Turkey 101 (you have ordered your bird, right?), it's time for our  Pie Primer. Because, really, when you think about it, if you have a great finale to the meal, your guests will forgive any transgressions that occur before dessert (for some holiday "horror" stories, click here).

Tartine Bakery has a full compliment of holiday pies and breads. Maybe you want a classic pumpkin, an apple nougatine, or a frangipane tart with cranberries and orange zest (all $38)? Yeah, we didn't think you were planning to make that one at home. You can also preorder bread (country, walnut and olive with herbes de provence), cornbread, gougeres and a host of other delights.

High Time For Pie Time

If you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, it is best not to show up empty-handed. Wine is good, but pie—which spares the host from juggling oven space—is best. Here, the best place to pick one up. Mind the pre-order dates.

Bike Basket Pies will be offering a dizzying variety: pumpkin, pumpkin-pecan, pumpkin-chocolate chip, sweet potato-maple pecan, apple, apple-cheddar, apple-cranberry, pear-apple and pear-ginger. You can get large pies or opt for the individual handheld version (more variety that way!). Order by November 20 for pick-up in the Mission on November 24.

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