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pier 70

Scenes of the City: Pier 70's Facelift

We recently went behind the scenes with the Port of San Francisco to get a peek at the Dogpatch's waterfront before the area gets a serious makeover. We toured the massive, 69-acre complex at Mariposa and 22nd streets–which is currently dense with historic buildings left over from San Francisco's industrial past. That includes 150 years of continuous ship building and repair. What you see today will look very different in a few years.

Scenes of the City: The Cathedral in the Dogpatch

"The Cathedral" as it's known to some for its dramatic light quality (and perhaps for the presence of several pianos) or Building 6 as it's known by the City of SF sits on the shore of San Francisco Bay at the end of Pier 70 in the Dogpatch.

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