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Pixies at The Fox: Pretty Much The Holy Grail of Shows

The Pixies opened up their first of a three-night stint at The Fox with (not surprisingly) the infamous video that "Debaser" was based off of called Un Chien Andalou - it entails a woman's eye being slit open by a razor among other adult themes (when the directors are Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali you can't really be that shocked). After a grand entrance involving what can only be described as light up crepe balls on hydraulics and a heavy smoke machine, the opening song was really the shocker. Having "Dancing The Manta Ray" as the first in the set list really set the tone for the entire show.

Listen Up - A Huge Week In Music: Birds & Batteries, Pixies, Tempo No Tempo and Many More

From old nostalgic favorites to up-and-coming locals brandishing fresh material, and famous singers fronting other collectives, all we know is that by the end of this week our wallets will be drowning in emptiness and we'll need at least another week to recover. You know that old saying, "You can sleep when you're dead?" We'll be utilizing this theme to power through this thoroughly heargasmic week ahead of us.

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