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PJ Johnston

Culture Clash: SF Arts Commission



UPDATE: Another resignation has been tendered to the beleaguered SF Arts Commission by René Bihan, a Managing Principal Architect with SWA Group, a local design firm in San Francisco.

Bihan has served as a volunteer Arts Commissioner since April 2008. His resignation is based upon various business-related reasons and was not spurred on by the below-discussed Daly Debacle.

However because of said-debacle, Bihan has chosen to remain until his replacement is appointed and confirmed in order to maintain the Commission's crucial voting quorum.

Luis Cancel, Director of Cultural Affairs at the SFAC, checks in with the following statement:

Life Begins @ 40: PJ Johnston



For PJ Johnston, 40 ain’t the new anything.

Because prior to reaching this recent natal milestone, the newly-minted 40-year-old has, actually, already lived a rather full, exciting, eventful and (sometimes) memorable life.

A thumbnail sketch of PJ might well read: SF Native. Press Secretary to Mayor Willie Brown. SF Giants Fan. Crisis Manager. SF Arts Commission President. Reggae-on-the-River aficionado. Passionate Politico. Former Tracy Press Features Editor. Francophile. PR Poobah. Newshound. Proud Father. Film Fanatic. Master Griller. And Second Best (after, that is, Mayor Brown) Quote in Town.

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