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Planet Granite

Bouldering at Planet Granite, Mission Cliffs and the Great Outdoors


San Francisco is a fractious city—there are Marina-ites and Mission-ites, Ritual devotees and those who swear by Blue Bottle. Rock climbers in the city are similarly divided—there are Mission Cliffs people and there are Planet Granite people. And while they each have their loyalists, both gyms are solid spots to learn and advance.

Find a Climbing Partner (And a Date) at Planet Granite

Imagine, if you will, a world where shortly after being introduced to your future sweetheart, you are forced to view their bottoms. I'm proud to say that my local rock gym, Planet Granite San Francisco, has invented a version of speed-dating (whereby belay-certified lovelorn singles are randomly assigned to climb with other belay-certified lovelorn singles) that makes this normally covert act of tush-peeping not only possible, but necessary.

New Year's Resolution: Get Your Belay On

Two very popular New Year's resolutions: get in shape and try something new.  Why not kill both those birds (and also impress a lot of people) with a visit to one of San Francisco's climbing gyms.  There's old-timer Mission Cliffs (2295 Harrison Street) and new-comer Planet Granite just off of Crissy Field (which boasts some seriously impressive views of the Bay).  Both gyms offer lessons,  routes for beginning and advanced climbers and extensive bouldering terrain for those who don't want to tie in (e.g.

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