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You Can't Win: ‘Police, Adjective’ Refuses To Go By The Book

Violent gunfights, visceral takedowns, high-drama interrogations and even angrily tossed metal chairs -- all are absent from Police, Adjective.

Yet this determinedly downtempo, absurdly mundane and undeniably smart (and subtly black-humored) film is another example of the rebirth of cinema in Romania -- Cristian Mungiu’s award-winning 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days was only one low-budget example of the bracing and critical intelligence of the country’s filmmakers. Call this an anti-Heat, an anti-Departed, a police procedural suspicious of its own process.

Party Police: Underground DJ Crackdown

Earlier this week, Jennifer Maerz at SF Weekly reported on a troubling trend in DJ-police relations. According to the article, police have been raiding underground parties and confiscating DJ equipment as evidence—including the laptops of DJs who aren't even spinning at the time of the raid. In many cases, the property has not been returned, prompting the Electronic Frontier Foundation to take on the cases of two DJs mentioned in Maerz's article, DJs Justin Credible and Matthew Higgins.

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