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The Popular Workshop

The Popular Workshop's "Forgotten & Undisturbed" Showcases an Unknown Bay Area Photography Talent

Five years ago in a friend's childhood home near Neil Young's mansion in Woodside, CA, The Popular Workshop's founders Nate Hooper and Andy Hawgood came upon a gallery curator's wet dream. They stumbled upon a crawl space brimming with almost 20,000 photos, slides and negatives vividly documenting the decades of globetrotting–in the vein of Robert Frank and William Eggleston–of one Bob Chisholm, an architect and amateur photographer who managed to take his children to every continent on the planet before they reached their 10th birthdays.

Meet The Popular Workshop, SF's Newest Design Space and Gallery

Two weeks ago, a sprawling, multi-room space called The Popular Workshop officially debuted on the city's art scene with its first-ever show, Degausser by Hunter Longe, and was packed to the gills with camera-wielding, curious spectators. TPW has lofty ideals that take it far beyond just being a gallery; the massive Tendernob space is also a design studio, like an incubator or laboratory for graphic and web designers and artists to gather, create and push SF's art world to new levels.

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