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Portugal. The Man

Outside Lands Video: Portugal. The Man

These guys are a favorite of the cool kids we share an office with at Spin Earth and now we know why. Portugal.The Man lived up to all their hype today and totally rocked out the Panhandle stage. Lead singer John Baldwin Gourley's haunting vocals and drummer Jason Sechrist's (who, we've gotta say it, looks way too much like Napoleon Dynamite) drum-cirlce-esque sessions were definitely enough to convince us to buy tickets to their more intimate show a few weeks from now (Sept 23) at The Independent. Check them out below.

Portugal. The Man’s New Album: The Satanic Satanist Preview

An extremely thematic and well-thought-out album is about to hit stores near you, and we were lucky enough to preview it a few weeks in advance. We're talking about the much-anticipated album of up-and-comers (and personal favorites), Portugal. The Man. While their third album, Censored Colors, knocked them through into super-fame, the forthcoming fourth record, The Satanic Satanist, shows a side of Portugal the public has yet to see. Perhaps a more massively appealing album with its vocal-centric and decidedly uncomplicated musical arrangements, what remains inside is a deep potential for what’s next and even more so, the very obvious fact that Portugal. The Man has and always will be a stellar live band that doesn’t entirely translate to record.

Portugal. The Man Dominates du Nord

And that’s an understatement. Easily the best performance of Noise Pop 2009, Portugal. The Man delivered nearly a 2-hour set cruising through almost the entirety of Censored Colors and even a few previews from their upcoming album.

Lead singer John Gourley and bassist Zachary Carothers played a good portion of the show with their backs to the crowd (we can’t help but wonder if John’s slight stage fright had something to do with this). Nonetheless, the performance was somewhat reminiscent of Jim Morrison in his early days - no talking, no frills, no direct connection with the crowd, but somehow one of the most solid and touching sets that we’ve ever seen.

Portugal. The Man on Being Star Struck by Other Band Members

Recording an album a year clearly isn’t enough for these Portland-based fellas. After recording and writing all 15 songs on Censored Colors (their September 2008 release) in 15 days, Portugal. The Man just finished another 3-week stint recording their latest album in Boston (still unnamed and without a release date). Those loveable boys originally from Wasilla, Alaska have been on tour for nearly three years straight (nearly 300 shows a year) and recording albums on their few weeks off a year, but after Alternative Press named lead singer John Gourley the “Best Vocalist of 2008,” they began blowing up in the press and we can’t say they don’t deserve it. With people like Paul Q.

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