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Pride 2010

Pride: Where to Eat Within Walking Distance of the Action

Grab & Go: Tried and true, Ike's Place (3506 16th St., 415-553-6888, is still the best way to go if you're on the move and need to show those hunger pangs who's boss. For a snack during a stint as a Dyke March spectator, devour a Napoleon Complex, or rip into the barbecued deliciousness of a Do You Smell What Barack Is Cooking? on your way to the Frameline Film Festival. Just call in your order so lines don't cramp your style.

2010 Pride Guide: 10 Events Not to Miss

The tidal wave known as SF Pride drops this week. A bunch of insanity is about to unfold, so get ready to enjoy it all to the fullest with our 2010 Best of Pride picks.


Thursday, June 24

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