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In Photos: The Day of Decision 2013

Today marks a historic day for equality and humanity with the overturning of Prop. 8 and defeat of DOMA. Hundreds of people gathered at Civic Center to celebrate this triumph in society.

Drink Here Now: 5 Places to Sip This Week

1) Pullin’ Pork for Pride at the Pilsner

Vote for Your Favorite #7x7Pride Pic and Win VIP Pride Parade Viewing Seats!

In honor of upcoming Pride weekend in SF, we asked you to submit pictures on Instagram and Twitter that make you proud about who you are and the city you live in. And as per usual our readers never cease to amaze.

Photos: Bloomingdale's Pride Celebration 2012

On June 14, Bloomingdale's staged a vibrant pre-Pride week celebration—The Colors of Pride—at their Men's Store on the expansive fourth floor of their Westfield Centre store nearby Union Square in San Francisco.

Event co-hosts included 7x7's executive editor Chloe Harris-Frankeny; Tout Sweet Pâtisserie's Yigit Pura (winner of BRAVO's Top Chef Just Desserts); and Richard Klein, founder/director of LGBT professionals network dot429. The room was rocked by special DJ and legendary drag queen Juanita More! and her retro soul/funk beats.

You're Invited: Bloomingdale's Pride Celebration 2012

You're Invited: Bloomingdale's Pride Celebration 2012

Join 7x7 and Bloomingdale's for a fantastic event kicking off Pride, with a private sale off all items throughout the store.

The special experience at the Men's Store on the fourth floor will feature the hottest beats from DJ Juanita More!, catered bites by Barbara Llewellyn Catering, complimentary libations from John Anthony Vineyards, Peroni Beer, Pink Pigeon Rum, Stoli Elit, and Stoli Hot & Sticki; and awesome prizes from "The Claw."

Thursday, June 14
The Men's Store on 4
San Francisco

Photos: Wells Fargo and 7x7's "Empower U" Pride Party at 111 Minna

On June 21, 7x7 and Wells Fargo hosted the “Empower U” Pride Party at 111 Minna Gallery to raise attention for the nationwide anti-bullying program Make it Better Project (locally overseen by the Gay-Straight Alliance Network), w

Video: What Does Pride Mean to You?

We hit the streets and asked passerbys to explain what Pride means to them. Watch the video and read out how some of SF's drag ambassadors — Heklina, Peaches Christ and Cookie Dough — answered the question. 

See video

Slice of Pride: Pizzeria Delfina for Dykes on Bikes

As part of Pride, Pizzeria Delfina is the sponsor of this year's Dyke March. Not only are they providing the necessary Porta-Potties along the way (when a woman's got to go, she's got to go), but they're also selling this limited edition  Pizzeria Delfina pride t-shirt. $25 gets you the t-shirt and also provides a donation to the cause. How good will these beauties look on a dyke on a bike? For a Harley chopper look, I'd cut off the sleeves, make it into a half shirt, and maybe fringe the bottom of it with beads. But that's just me.

Cheers to Pride! A Rainbow of Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate

San Francisco is in full-on Pride mode. Celebrate properly and mix up this rainbow of cocktail recipes from for your pre, during and after parties.

1. Diamond Blue (blue)

2. Campari Margarita (red)

3. Acai-Blueberry Mojito (purple)

4. Aperol Flip (orange)

5. Apple Fool's Martini (green)

Sandra Bernhard on What Sets SF Pride Apart

Hot on the heels of a new album and tour, comedienne and social provocateur Sandra Bernhard returns to San Francisco for a performance at this year’s PG&E-sponsored VIP Pride Party at the Bentley Reserve on June 23rd. Here, a quick Q&A:

7x7: What’s your best memory of past Pride celebrations?

SB: I’d have to say that it’s a collective memory really, of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

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