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Handful of Salt Launches a Quarterly Print Edition

Deirdre Hawthorne ceramics

Who says print is dead? Regina Connell isn’t listening. The Founder and Editor in Chief of online magazine Handful of Salt is thrilled to be able to bring the magazine into the print world. Covering “the intersection of craft and design,” Handful of Salt will be launching their inaugural quarterly print edition this month, with the drive to offer a unique aesthetic perspective on the modern artisanal movement through features offering behind-the-scene interviews and striking photography.

McSweeney's Publisher Talks 'Panorama,' Available Today

We had the opportunity to chat with McSweeney's publisher Oscar Villalon about the San Francisco Panorama, available tomorrow, and the future of print and newspapers. For more info on where to buy the Panorama, including the on-street newsies, click here. Q&A after the jump.

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