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Local Fashion Designers Bring Bold Prints for Spring

We couldn't be more ready to transition gently into spring, and what better way than with the coming of some eye-catching prints from our go-to S.F. shops. Craft yourself a gorgeous get-up from these mis-matched prints from whimsical scarves, to striking geo-patterns. 

Inspired by The City: 6 San Francisco Art Prints

The dramatic shifts in terrain, intricate architectural details, monumental landmarks, and culture collisions that make up San Francisco provide endless stimulation for the eyes, and endless inspiration for the artist. This Valentine's Day–or any day, really–show your appreciation for the town you love with a print commemorating our City by the Bay.

New to us:

Pretty in Prints: Serial Cultura Spring 2010

For proof that print is, indeed, alive and well, look no further than the Spring 2010 collection from Serial Cultura.

The fifth collection from Oakland-based designer Jen Jennings continues the label’s love affair with bold hues and graphic prints paired with simple, flowing silhouettes. Inspired by traditional quilt patterns and optical art, Jennings’ new prints for spring abound in bright hues that can’t help but pop against the surrounding neutrals, blues and muted grays.

“I was also playing with layering of different prints. I also love color and wanted to create very graphic shapes that were very colorful and bold,” says Jennings.

Pick a Print at The Curiosity Shoppe Tonight

Our pick for clutch holiday gift? Give a good print. Most everyone has at least some open space on their walls begging for some art, and with so many talented artists offering them these days, you're bound to find a selection of quality contenders for even the pickiest friends or family on your list.

Tonight (Saturday, Dec. 5th), save yourself the hassle of scouring the internet for just the right piece and head to The Curiosity Shoppe. From 6 to 9PM they'll be celebrating the opening of a new print show from artist Tom Bonauro, entitled Strange States of Matter, in their gallery space. Bonauro's work has been snatched up by the likes of SFMOMA, so pick a print up and you'll be in good company.

Tips on How to Survive a Depression from Paul Madonna and Your Grandma

Ever seen that Seinfeld episode where Jerry's Uncle Leo gets caught stealing batteries? The comedian then realizes that world is rife with old people who also happen to be petty-theft masterminds. Perhaps living through the Great Depression made some of those old birds pretty wily. While we don't condone theft of any kind, we think everyone could learn a thing or two from Paul Madonna's new art show, "Things Your Grandmother Taught You to Steal to Survive a Depression".

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