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project one

Photos: rePack, Winner of Kim Crawford's Undo Ordinary Design Contest 2012

On October 24, 7x7 and Kim Crawford staged a special private event at Project One Gallery honoring David Miller-Hershon and his company rePACK: winner of our inaugural design competition: Undo Ordinary, the search for San Francisco's next design superstar.

"Clueless" Gets Reborn As An Interactive Live Show

When I first saw the visionary movie Clueless in theaters with my mom in 1995, I immediately wanted to be Cher. To this day I'm not sure why, but my adoration for her and that lovable gang of overprivileged Beverly Hills teenagers lives on, and I suspect any Gen Y kid would vehemently agree.

Project One: Coming Up From Right Under Our Noses

Right around the corner in the formerly abandoned warehouse district that we’ve ignored for so long, a 3,200 square-foot lounge is coming up in the world, and it’s right under our nose. Meet Project One. Project One is an art-focused music lounge with an impressive lineup of celebrity guest DJs (especially for being so new), and an even more impressive clientele in Potrero Hill. Mostly showcasing up-and-coming art collector’s pieces and serving to Bay Area’s version of celebrity (i.e. Apple designers, InCase executives and software heads etc.) and hip 30-somethings looking for an intelligent night out.

ONE Renegade Dinner: Come As You Are

Brooke Waterhouse, owner and curator of Project One, is determined to make the recession sexy, one potluck at a time.

Instead of holding a bougie caviar-and-champagne soiree to bring together an intimate group of artistic San Franciscans, Waterhouse and guest host/co-curator of "Come As You Are"/wardrobe stylist Rachel Lena Esterline decided to throw a good old-fashioned potluck to encourage their 40 guests to share dishes and stories in the unique DJ lounge and gallery space in Portero Hill's design district.

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