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Vue Watch: Yves Behar and Issey Miyake

Yves Behar has been busy. The exhibition he curated at YBCA, “Tecnocraft,” just wrapped up, and his new Sayl task chair for Herman Miller is one hot-ticket item. His latest design gives us some insight into how he keeps on top of his busy schedule: his just created the Vue watch, which he designed in partnership with Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake.

The watch is both ethereal and minimalist, and like most of Behar’s projects, unexpectedly affordable (models range from $400–500). And you can get your hands on one on Wednesday, December 15 at the official product launch at Propeller in Hayes Valley, where Behar himself will be on hand to discuss his design process, show prototypes and autograph watches.

Flat Screens: Designer Foe or Untapped Creative Goldmine? Propeller Finds Out

Integrating a television into a home's decor has been the bane of many a designer's existence for probably as long as the device has been around, resulting in some interesting–and occasionally odd–attempts at concealment or beautification. We've all seen the repurposed bureau-turned-hiding-place and the flat-screen-above-the-mantel, but that's just the tip of the creative iceberg. Catch an episode of Cribs and you might spy a bedroom with what we like to call the "Late Night Creeper", aka a flat screen concealed in a chest at the foot of the bed that rises at the touch of a remote. Or what about the "Destinee's Special"?

That's One Goodlookin' Teapot

San Francisco's very own Joey Roth's Sorapot tea pot is now available at Propeller in Hayes Valley. The architecturally simple yet exquisitely crafted pot articulates the ritual of tea-making in a thoroughly modern way. Its 11 ounce capacity brews 2 cups and encourages multiple brews of the same leaves, which is a Chinese custom. $250 at Propeller.

Hayes Valley Holiday Block Party

Design lovers of the city over are no doubt familiar with the choice home decor pickings over in Hayes Valley. From Propeller  to Plantation, there's a little something for everybody, from the "minimal modernist" to "over-the-top maximalist". But if your style tends to lean more towards the "cardboard-boxes-as-coffee-table recessionist", don't count the neighborhood out yet. Their annual Holiday Block Party is this Friday, and along with live entertainment there will be free food and drinks. And maybe a free box or two if you're lucky. For more information on the event, click here .

Design Shopping in Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley may be the premiere design and furnirture shopping destination in the city.  Check out this video tour from California Home + Design, which takes us inside the local art collections of Zonal, The Framing Store, The Painters Place, and the modern design store, Propeller.


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