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This Town's Best Pupusas

Pupusas from Balompie Cafe by Yelp user Thom Y.

With rising food prices in San Francisco, it’s hard to imagine anything filling, delicious, and unique costing under $5.  A bagel with cream cheese, a slice of pizza, a Mission Dog, or a tamale (if somehow you track down the Tamale lady in a bar on a Saturday night) are just about your only options.  While tacos are the cheap-and-easy standard, you may be missing out on a real treat: Pupusas.

Cheap Eat Of The Week: Balompié Cafe

What if I told you that the best meal that I, someone who dines out four or five nights a week, have had recently cost only $9.95? True! Last Friday I headed to Limón Rotisserie in hopes of getting a good, cheap meal within a one-block radius of my house. The crushing mob of people with that same idea (and the one-and-a-half hour wait) deterred me, so I soldiered on to Balompié Café, one of my favorite restaurants.

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