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Property Porn: Completely Remodeled Bernal Heights Home Hits Market for $1.6M

In a land called Bernal Heights, not so very long ago, a sad fixer-upper sold for a measly $835,000. In one magical year, thanks to a property expansion, some major renovations, and a sprinkling of fairy dust, the plain jane now joins SF's million-dollar ranks, hitting the market for nearly double her 2014 selling price. Talk about a Cinderella story. 

Property Porn: In Sausalito, All the Bay Views You Could Ever Want for $5 Million

For anyone who craves a change of pace but dreads leaving the city behind, this Sausalito home with clear views of San Francisco may hit the sweet spot.

Property Porn: Peep the $5 Million Home Behind This Mission Mural

No matter how many times you've passed the corner of Bryant and 25th Streets, you may have never guessed what lies behind this loud and proud mural that depicts themes of cultural diversity and peace. Turns out, it's a gorgeous live/work space that your average local artist could likely never afford.

Property Porn: Killers Bassist Mark Stoermer Looks to Flip Lower Haight Victorian at Zero Profit

Despite rock 'n' roll's devil-may-care image, Killers bassist Mark Stoermer hasn't remotely trashed his property. Quite the contrary.

Property Porn: Armistead Maupin's Home Hits the Market for Less Than $2 Million

It may not be 28 Barbary Lane, but as the longtime home of one of San Francisco's most beloved authors, it's pretty damn close. 

Property Porn: $7.4M Buys Waterfront Views + Private Gym in the Marina

In need of a sanctuary that offers escape from the concrete jungle? This Marina house might be your golden ticket.

Property Porn: Throw an Insane Patio Party at This $2.3M Nob Hill Home

On days like today, nothing sounds better than a crisp, cold cocktail on a sunny rooftop patio. This Nob Hill house makes a big promise to its future residents: Never again will you have to Google "restaurant patio San Francisco."

Property Porn: $15M Buys History and Luxury in Pacific Heights

If you're going to pay $15 million for a San Francisco home, why not select one with extravagant amenities, a storied history, and no immediate nosy neighbors? We have just the place.

Property Porn: Rich Hippies Will Love This $4.5M Ashbury Heights Home

Modern hippies, marijuana smoke, and fabulous historic homes comingle in Ashbury Heights, where this 1908 Mission Revival home, priced just under $5 million, is a little bit Grateful Dead and little bit royal court. 

Property Porn: Get Dressed Every Morning in the Levi's Family's $9M Mansion

Of San Francisco's many famous family names, perhaps none are so well known round the world as that of Levi Strauss. If, unfortunately, you are not an heir, you can still step into this 1905 Georgian-style manse and be a small part of the denim-pioneering family's legacy. 

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