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reed & greenough

Photos: Giants Viewing Happy Hour at Reed and Greenough

On April 9, baseball fans gathered in the Marina for a special viewing party at Reed and Greenough to watch the San Francisco Giants beat the Colorado Rockies!

You're Invited: Reed & Greenough's Giants Viewing Happy Hour

Join 7x7 at a special game viewing party to check out one of the season's first home games, at one of San Francisco's new classic venues!

7x7's Ultra-Premium Bourbon Series at Reed & Greenough

On January 31st, 7x7 proudly launched a new series of tasting events showcasing the subtleties and strengths of small batch bourbons, at the Marina's refined upscale lounge.

Connoisseurs joined the curious at stations outfitted with a variety of ultra-premium bourbons—including Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s, and Baker’s—for their inspection and inquisition. Guests were then offered deeply discounted cocktails using any of the bourbons in classic cocktails like Manhattans and sours.

You're Invited: 7x7's Game U.P. Ultra-Premium Bourbon Series

It's no question San Francisco has a stunning array of clubs, lounges, and watering holes to quench every thirst. Every now and again, the urge to party down yields to a deeper curiosity to explore the finer things. It's in this spirit that 7x7 proudly presents a series of complimentary tasting sessions illuminating the ultra-premium bourbon.

Photos: Maker's Mark Cocktail Party at Reed & Greenough

On October 3rd, 7x7 continued the late summer event series, The Cocktail Party 2012 with Maker's Mark, with a packed happy hour at the beautifully-designed Reed & Greenough in San Francisco's Marina District.

The series' election theme became especially relevant that night as the bar broadcast the entirety of the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on their TV screens.

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