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5 Fun and Unusual Airbnb Rentals in Tahoe

Tahoe Airbnb - Mongolian Yurt

It’s time to start planning your summer Tahoe trip, but instead of booking a run-of-the-mill hotel room, why not opt for a tiny house, tipi or comfy yurt? These fun and unusual Airbnb rentals come with luxe amenities including trailside access to the Pacific Crest Trail, waterfront access to Carnelian Bay, and even your own swimming pool. Happy camping! 

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1825 Cole Valley 1 Bdrm

I used to live within walking distance of Say Cheese. I don't any longer, which may be why this week's Craigslist Deal is so appealing — it's just around the corner from my favorite sandwich in the city.

But even though the thought of easily skipping out for a chicken and sun-dried tomato on ciabatta anytime I wish is enough to get me to sign the lease, there's plenty more about this apartment to sweeten the deal. Beautiful bay windows, hardwood floors, and built-ins provide ample charm, and the location offers easy access to the N Judah, not to mention Golden Gate Park and the Haight.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1650 Upper Market Cottage

A cottage? I didn't think those existed in the city, at least not with a rental price of less than $5k. But this week's Craigslist Deal is here to prove me wrong.

Most likely originally built as a carriage house for the other home on the property, this little place is essentially a stand-alone junior one-bedroom (i.e., it's small), with its own patio. Though some of the angles look kind of wonky, the kitchen built-ins are charming, and the ample views stunning. There's no exterior image in the ad, so "cottage" could end up being quite a stretch, but for $1650 it's well worth checking out.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1800 Taraval 2 Bdrm

I've been showing you one bedrooms and studios on here since the beginning of time (or 2009, to be more precise), but it's a new year—time to shake things up a bit. So for a slight change of pace, this week's Craigslist Deal is a (oh, the suspense!) TWO bedroom. I mean, can you imagine?

I went outside of the box for this one for a few reasons: A., it's located on Taraval near West Portal, an area with plenty of good hole-in-the-wall restaurants, proximity to the L, and walkability; B., the kitchen is huge, the whole place is filled with enviable light, and there's even a backyard; and C., it's under $2k. So here's to expanding horizons–and square footage–in 2011.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Jr 1 Bdrm Near Polk

The end of the year always brings good tidings and great rental deals. It's not thanks to holiday cheer, mind you; rather, it's landlords slashing prices to get their apartments rented when people are busy nesting and shopping, and have no intention of packing up and shipping out until at least late January. But if you're one of the brave souls willing to get through the holidays and a move in one whirlwind month, you're in luck: The market is rich with low-cost options.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1395 Upper Market Studio

I won't lie; retro tile gets me every single time. I can't pass up a good turquoise or checkered motif, even if the condition isn't tip-top or the color combination is less than ideal (pink, anyone?). But you can't live on – or, rather, around – charming tile alone; sleeping in the bathroom simply won't do.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1500 Downtown Studio

There's no place like the city for the holidays. The lights, the shopping, the general disgruntledness replaced with cheer — it's magic. In that spirit, I couldn't help but home in on this sharp little studio. True, it's borderline 'Loin territory, but don't let that deter you, as it's also borderline Downtown.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1650 Hayes/Lower Haight 1 Bdrm

There's a nip in the air now that can only mean one thing: Winter's right around the corner. Being as this is San Francisco, however, that nip could easily change into a warm streak or, just as likely, a rainy spell. Be prepared for the city's schizophrenic weather with a well-equipped apartment, like this week's Craigslist Deal

A flash of sun peeking through the clouds? Head outside to your own private patio to bask in the end-of-season rays. If it's wool coat weather, gather 'round the fireplace indoors instead–true it's only decorative, but it's not like this is Minnesota. Slap a few candles or a space heater in there and it's kind of the same idea, right?

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1350 Studio on Haight

I've always been fond of the city's outer neighborhoods (Sunset, holler!), but one bout of rain is all it takes to have me singing the praises of more centralized living. When the weather isn't cooperating, it helps to have your favorite night spots close at hand in order to shake that cabin fever that inevitably sets in after a day or so of rain.

So if you've got similar concerns, or simply appreciate a home close to the city's hub, this week's Craigslist Deal is for you. It's right on Haight about a half a block from Divis – steps to The Page, near NOPA, Bar Crudo, Ragazza, and other favorite dining spots, and around the corner from Faletti's if you've got to make a quick dash to the store.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1795 Lower Nob Hill 1 Bdrm

Wait, wait! Stick with me for a second. If the title of this week's Craigslist Deal hadn't declared "Not Tenderloin!" in large print, I might have skipped it too. But this true Lower Nob Hill unit is just a few blocks shy of 'Loin potential, and in this city, you know even a block or two can be a world of difference (and a completely different neighborhood).

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