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Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1725 Upper Market 1 Bedroom

Upper Market might not have the same cache as other parts of the city, but with less name recognition comes better rental rates, and as it borders one of the most well-known and -loved neighborhoods of SF, it's worth some consideration. Take this one bedroom at 17th and Diamond, for instance. It's only a couple of blocks from Castro Theater, MUNI, and up-and-coming foodie spots, but thanks to its less conspicuous locale, the price is noticeably lower than similar units in the nearby neighborhood. It also has many of the charming Edwardian-era features we love, with built-ins, hardwood floors, and much more.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1695 Noe Valley 1 Bedroom

Step off 24th Street, away from the sidewalks congested with strollers and myriad coffee shops, and the tranquility of the surrounding neighborhood really hits you. This one bedroom located just four blocks from Noe Valley's main drag offers enough distance to enjoy the quiet parks and side streets of the area while still being within easy walking-distance of all the conveniences 24th Street has to offer (the new Whole Foods location, a farmers' market, restaurants - and of course all those coffee shops).

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1750 South Beach 1 Bedroom

For anyone that works in the Peninsula and lives in the city, a home near Caltrain can be a luxury, indeed. However, listings in the area generally fall into two categories: overpriced apartments in characterless high rises, or SOMA units which are just a tad too far from the station and in a bit too sketchy of an area to be considered a real deal. This week's Craigslist Deal happily fits neither of those descriptions and costs under $1800.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1895 Ashbury Heights 1 Bedroom

We don't know if it's due to an influx of students for the start of school or what, but it's definitely slim pickings on apartment deals lately. We usually like to keep our Craigslist deals to under $1800, but unless you're looking for an inlaw out in the Avenues or a hole in the wall in 'Lower Pac Heights' (otherwise referred to as Van Ness) an expanded search was necessary this week. Luckily, this little one bedroom in Ashbury Heights wasn't too far out of our typical price range and it has enough charm that we're willing to let that detail slide. Arched doorways, a large deck, and an amazing view all call to us, along with the serenity of this tucked away neighborhood.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1695 Presidio Heights 1 Bedroom

This one bedroom Presidio Heights apartment was a lovely surprise to find this week, not only because of its fabulous location and excellent price, but also because we've actually seen a unit in this building before so we can give you the real inside scoop without just blindly trusting the Craigslist ad (believe or not, some people stretch the truth on there). Located in the middle of tony Presidio Heights, the building is steps away from neighborhood shops and entertainment (the Vogue Theater is around the corner) close to buses (the 43 will take you right to your door), and about three blocks from the meandering trails and rolling green hills of the Presidio.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1750 Alamo Square 1 Bedroom

This week's Craigslist Deal is a bit more expensive than those we usually feature, but after seeing the location and the photo at left it seemed worthy of a post. Located right off of Alamo Square, this one bedroom apartment is light, airy, and appears to have quite a bit of space. You get two large walk-in closets, hardwood floors, french double doors separating the living room and bedroom, laundry facilities on premises, and parking for one or two cars for an extra $200 or $300, respectively.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Lower Haight 1 Bedroom

Despite common belief, there's something to be said for living on a busy street. We grew up on one, and the whir of constantly flowing traffic acted as white noise and actually helped us fall asleep at night. It can also be convenient: busier streets are usually connected to other major roads and nearby transportation. Perhaps most importantly (for this column, at least), living on a busy street often means lower rent - you get a deal because many prefer a quiet neighborhood to one with more hustle and bustle. If you're not of that view point, this apartment on Oak may be just the place for you.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1395 Sunset Studio

Usually our Craigslist Deal is located in some snazzy part of town everyone ventures to within their first month of moving to the city. But there's so much more to SF than the Marina or the Mish, and if you're a part-time SF State student or visiting professor, we don't want to leave you in the lurch. Also, we hear there are other reasons to love the Taraval area of the Outer Sunset besides its proximity to campus, we're just, um, not that familiar with them. We will say that this lovely apartment might be reason enough to learn more about the far-flung reaches of the 'Set.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1595 Marina Studio

We've seen Marina studios for less, but - those arched ceilings! That crown moulding! This place was just too pretty to pass up. We also love the location, situated in a residential neighborhood across from the Palace of Fine Arts.  It's close to the Presidio, Chrissy Field and Fort Mason - all perfect locations for getting a scenic wak or run in during the week. Chestnut Street shops and restaurants are also a mere few blocks away, yet with enough of a buffer zone that you won't have to deal with all the noise or trouble parking. The apartment is listed as a studio, but with a separate dining area and a walk-in closet, you might be able to finagle a tiny bedroom out of the place with some creative furniture arranging.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: Hayes Valley Studio for $1095

We can find little fault with the interior of this studio, which features freshly refinished hardwood floors and a recently remodeled (if a tad generic) kitchen.  So why so low? Our one guess would be that since the location is on Franklin instead of Hayes, it's bound to be somewhat noisier and a bit less savory compared to a block or so West. That said, the close proximity to Hayes Valley - one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city - makes it definitely worth a peak. Other cons would be that the unit is on the ground floor, no laundry facilities in the building (though there are apparently some in close proximity), and there's street parking only. But it's all about location, right?

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