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Winning Combination

Mexican Combo Platter of 2006: Puerto Allegre (546 Valencia St., 415-255-8201)

It's not organically grown, locally produced, or even particularly fresh—it's an old-school Tex Mex heap of carbs and lard and meat, served in an always-hopping place with cheap pitchers of margs to wash it down.

In a Pickle

Best Use of the Deep Fryer in 2006: Weird Fish (2193 Mission St, 415-863-4744)

Health concerns aside, you can't argue with the goodness of just about anything that's deep fried. My nominee for favorite new deep-fried item of 2006 is (drumroll, please): the fried yo-yos at Weird Fish in the Mission. Basically, they're thick slices of fried dill pickles served with a chipotle dipping sauce. They're wonderfully briny, crunchy and a much more interesting side than ho-hum fried potatoes.

Upper Crust

The openings of Pizzeria Delfina (, Little Star (, which recently expanded with a second location in the Mission) and Bruce Hill’s Picco in Larkspur ( in the past year or two had everyone touting SF’s “pizza renaissance.” As an East Coaster—who lived in Italy and in New York City for a few years—I still don’t think most of the ‘za here holds a candle to NYC. I’m not a pizza authority, but most of what I’ve tasted (with some of the exceptions listed above) have been lackluster.

Get Saucy

I’m a condiment girl. When I order a burger, I slather the bun with ketchup and mustard (preferably Dijon, but yellow will do in a pinch). I dump Papalote’s ( blended salsa on my fish tacos, and I love dipping Frjtz fries ( into roasted-pepper mayo. Heck, even when I was a kid, I’d demand barbecue, sweet and sour and the oft-neglected honey so I could dunk my Chicken McNuggets to my heart’s content.

Refresher Course

Welcome to 7x7’s new Eat+Drink blog. Every week, I’ll be writing a little something about restaurants around town, whether it’s a great new space or a tip about an old classic.
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