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Sardinian Special

We’ve been given a hot tip about an upcoming event at La Ciccia. Everyone we talk to is wild for their lusty Sardinian food (and especially their Spaghetti with Cauliflower and Bottarga), so it’s no wonder our informant enthusiastically recommended that we make our reservations—stat—for the dinner on April 30th.

Here’s what the lucky diners can look forward to:

House-cured Salumi with Home Pickled Vegetables

Pork Short Ribs with Saffron and Tomato Juice

Sardinian Gnochetti served with Meat Sauce

Roasted Suckling Pig with Sardinian-style Seasonal Vegetables



Give me a dessert menu and I’ll skip over the inevitable death-by-molten-chocolate cake, the crème brulée, the sorbet—and definitely the cheese (although I always feel like I should want to eat cheese after dinner because then I’d be European or at least a legitimate food writer). I’ll toy with the idea of a fruit dessert or anything with caramel, but I’m truly loyal to nothing but coconut.

Some highlights in my life of coconut:

Myth Becomes Legend

Sugar High

The fix is on at Sugar Cafe.

Bambino Watch: T-minus (about) 21 days

Bambino's Bar: Under construction

Pasta Comeback

Perbacco’s agnolotti filled with roasted veal and savoy cabbage
Photograph by John Benson
I fancy myself immune to food trends, but lately I’ve had to admit that the low-carb mania of a few years back has insidiously snuck its way into the deeper, more permanent layers of our collective psyche, including mine. There was a time when I ate pasta for dinner nearly seven days a week. With crusty bread. After eating a muffin for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch! I mean, who does that anymore? No one I know.

A Teaser

The mad scientist at work.

Who is this mad man, what the heck is he doing and why did I take his picture for 7x7's upcoming May issue? (Guess right and I'll tell you.) A look into the future of food in SF coming to a newsstand near you...

The Newest Newsiest News

Spring has arrived in San Francisco (OK, so it doesn’t look like it has arrived yet today, but it’s definitely in the air) and with it a host of new restaurants we’re eager to try out. If I poke my head out the window of our office, I can see Rouge & Blanc (334 Grant Ave., 415-391-0207), the newest venture from Aqua Restaurant Group (Aqua, Café de la Presse). I popped in the door last week and was surprised to see executive chef Laurent Manrique and Café de la Presse GM Olivier Daridon chowing down on, fittingly, some chef salads. One of four “shake salads” on the menu, the ingredients are combined in a large plastic cup, topped with a lid and shaken until well-dressed.

Beer and Brats

We spend a lot of time here talking about what’s new and exciting (“hot,” I guess, is what the kids call it), following trends, and making sure we tell you all about what’s happening, food-wise, in our fair city. But it’s a sad day when new opening trumps old favorite, so we felt it was time to pay homage in our blog to an important category of restaurant: the oldie but goodie (OBG). These OBG’s may well become a regular part of our blog, and they’re also the spots where you’re likely to find the 7x7 editors on any given night. Got an OBG you want to tell us about? Leave a comment and let us know.

This week: WALZWERK
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