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Five Shows to Cure Your Noise Pop Hangover

5 Shows to Cure Your Noise Pop Hangover

Allen Toussaint, Wednesday, Yoshi’s (Oakland)

Even if you have never heard of jazz legend Allen Toussaint, you have heard Allen Toussaint.

'Twas the Week Before Christmas on the SF Concert Scene...

Scanning the local concert calendars on this particular pre-Christmas week is usually a good way to find some of the hardest working musicians in the game. There’s a certain amount of dedication required to brave the winter road, away from home and family. It’s also a great time to find local acts squeezing in gigs while home for the holidays. Here we are again, at the end of December in 2011, with dependable examples of both, five of which make us especially grateful for this calendarian coup de tat.

Five Can't-Miss Live Shows

This is usually the time of year when music fans hibernate until NoisePop rears its eclectic, beautiful head. Not this year. Here we are, in the middle of December, and venues are still spelling out recognized and beloved names on their marquees. Here’s this week’s roster:

Pop 2.0: GIVERS Giveth at the Rickshaw Stop on Wednesday Night

“Look at all you people. What are you doing here?” Taylor Guarisco asked the crowd when he and his fellow bandmates from GIVERS hopped onstage Wednesday night at the sold-out Rickshaw Stop, as if he thought his band was the butt of some flashmob public stunt joke. Of course, there was a time when that would have been a reasonable question, before word got out about this magical pop quintet from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Fog & Laser at Rickshaw Stop

Photo Credit: Matthew Davis/Ling Busche


On July 23, DJ duo Fog & Laser went all out at the Rickshaw Stop, filling the venue with indie, electric beats and creating a laser and fog-infused dance party. Indie distillers, Root & Snap, provided one-of-a-kind drink specials to compliment the anomalous atmosphere. Snazzy portrait photobooth-style shots complimented with hilarious props such as a blowup dolphin and sailor hats was the hit of the night, drawing guests to get their chance to express their individuality. To get a taste of the party check out Fog & Laser's party playlist!

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