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Q&A With the Filmmakers Behind Salam Neighbor, Showing at the Roxie

March 2016 marked five years since the start of the Syrian Civil War, a conflict that has forced over 4.6 million Syrians to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. After five years, many of them are still living in camps across the Middle East and Europe. 

Honey Baby: A Three-Step Program for Bee-ing Here Now

Nothing to sweeten a rainy day like honey. For a three-step honey and honey bee immersion program, this is your week.

1. THE FILM First you must understand the honeybee. You know the bees are disappearing but do you really understand the impact of this mysterious phenomenon? Buy a ticket to attend the bitter-sweet film, Queen of the Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?, put on by Slow Food San Francisco. Yes, the film has an interview with Michael Pollan (don't they all?), but better yet, filmmaker Taggart Siegel will be there for a Q and A. Friday, March 25. Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St., 7 pm and 9 pm. (See the trailer here.)

Noise Pop Film: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Don't get your hopes up. There's no recently unearthed footage of the legendary live album in Bestor Cram's documentary, At Folsom Prison, but there's a decent montage of photographer Jim Marshall's stills from this career-defining performance of The Man in Black. Additional video includes interviews with his children, Roseanne Cash and John Carter Cash, former inmate Millford Derdon who was there for the show, and the two children of Folsom inmate Glen Sherley whose song, "Greystone Chapel," was learned the night before the show by Cash and his band and performed that day. Artsy animated interpretations of songs from the album and archival film of the era round out the visuals.

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