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Obsessed! Bruce Hill, Chef-Owner of Zero Zero, on Burgers

"I love a good thin burger on a soft bun. There are a couple places around town where I like to get them, like Sam’s in North Beach. It’s not a big thick burger—it’s more of a four-ounce, wimpy American one. It’s my favorite because it has balance, and it has that char flavor. I get it with lettuce, sweet pickles, red onion slices, and tomato.

A bun needs to be a soft, chewy, classic 5-inch bun, and it needs to be made out of highly processed flour, like the one at Red’s Java House. There, I get it Red’s style, with mustard and sweet pickles. And I really love cheese. For the cheese in this burger, I want two slices of American. It definitely has to stick to the back of your mouth a little.

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