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San Diego Comic-Con

Tonight: Q&A with Morgan Spurlock on the Filming of Comic-Con

Morgan Spurlock

San Francisco is pretty much fanboy heaven. We don’t just have comic book shops, we have a comic book lounge that may or may not be run by a Super Villain. Other cities have book clubs and pool tournaments; we have PetchaKutcha and Nerd Nite. Even our alternative culture is perpetually on the edge of descending into total geek-dom - supposedly adult Burning Man Festival points at a very specific desire, to dress up like someone else, to cosplay (costume play).

Morgan Spurlock’s new film, Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope, is about just that desire.

A Cell's Eye View of San Diego Comic-Con

It’s a freeloader’s delight, if you charitably overlook the extravagant cost of room and board: San Diego’s Comic-Con International – founded in 1970 as the Golden State Comic Book Convention, by a fanatical crew of forward-thinking nerds – is a celebration of advertising slyly disguised as something like philanthropy. It is a unique opportunity for toy manufacturers, movie studios and publishing houses to give back to the fans, often in the form of complimentary t-shirts, posters, key chains and other disposable keepsakes.

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