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SF Panorama: Definitely Worth the $16

If you weren't able to track down a newsy on Tuesday and snag the McSweeney's Panorama for $5, rest assured that it's available at many local bookstores and it is, in fact, worth the $16. (Considering the content, it's probably worth more than that, but shhhh.) But don't expect to read it on the plane to wherever you're going for the holidays. It's heavy, cumbersome, and the broadsheet used is larger than that used by regular newspapers, making it nearly impossible to read in a tight space. The two included magazines, the Panorama Book Review and the Panorama Magazine, are oversized and also a bit awkward but more manageable than the paper. 

That said, the beautifully executed Panorama is a treasure chest of writing, photography, illustration, and, my favorite, infographics. No space is left underutilized. Frankly, even advertisers seem to have stepped up their game for this—the ads in The Panorama are more well designed than the average newspaper ads. There are many layers of content—literally and figuratively—to dig through, making its exploration a process. First, you'll want to just look at it, delicately peeling the pages apart, reacquainting yourself with the familiar yet possibly forgotten heap of sections that make up a newspaper. Headlines and images will begin to catch your eye and you'll find yourself reading sidebars, maybe a story or two, noting things you'll return to once you make an initial sweep. But naturally, you'll get sucked into stories and start reading, and you'll quickly realize that these aren't your average-length newspaper articles. This is well composed long-form journalism, embodying the styles of both magazine and newspaper writing. 

McSweeney's Publisher Talks 'Panorama,' Available Today

We had the opportunity to chat with McSweeney's publisher Oscar Villalon about the San Francisco Panorama, available tomorrow, and the future of print and newspapers. For more info on where to buy the Panorama, including the on-street newsies, click here. Q&A after the jump.

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