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The Secrets of Burma Superstar's Cult Classic Tea Leaf Salad

For the last decade or so, Clement Street's Burma Superstar has drawn the devoted, who wait for an hour or more, to dine at the cult favorite eatery. But in fact, the restaurant had been a quieter neighbor in the Richmond since 1992. Why the sudden fuss? It has something to do with that now-legendary tea leaf salad. 

Shop Talk: Etsy's SF Summer Pop-Up + DIY Pillows

If it's a fashionable way to spend, and happening in the Bay Area, we're talking about it on Shop Talk. 

Sip This: Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, Handcrafted in Dogpatch

“I’m Mr. Cinnamon,” grins Joe Cannella, at the Craft Spirits Carnival at Ft. Mason where he was offering samples of his Cannella Cinnamon Cordial. His first batch, made at the Seven Stills Distillery in Dogpatch, sold out shortly after its release late last year. His fourth batch has just been bottled. 

106-Year-Old Roxie Theater Gets a Face-Lift

Armed with a fresh coat of paint and unburdened from decades of trash, the new-and-improved Roxie Theater was unveiled this week. 

5 Signs That El Niño May Be Coming

Gather ye rain boots and emergency bottled water while ye may. The signs are beginning to point to a serious El Niño this winter. Here's what to watch out for.

Delicious Alert: Josey Baker Launches Adventure Granola

About two years ago, Michelle Pusateri, the classically trained pastry chef and founder of Nana Joe’s granola, started blending limited edition batches in collaboration with her chef friends. Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu wanted a touch of Chinese five spice. Brooke Mosley of Outerlands requested carrots, so Pusateri roasted some, then pureed them and used the mixture to coat oats. The latest version to hit shelves is the Josey Baker Adventure Blend, in partnership with everyone's favorite tattooed baker of Josey Baker Bread.

We Wanna Be Friends With CloudFlare Cofounder Michelle Zatlyn

If they gave out trophies for techie awards, Michelle Zatlyn's case would be full.

San Francisco's Yummiest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Give us your tired, your weary... we'll have them feeling right again with a sweet that's arguably even more American than apple pie. That's right, the chocolate chip cookie in all of its buttery, brown-sugar laced, chocolate-studded form.

High Society: Field Notes from San Francisco’s Marijuana Social Scene

A local marijuana reporter opens his notebook and shares all the latest gossip and happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area's budding cannabis social scene. Here's what's happening this month.

New Exhibit Offers an Intimate Look at Cuban Life

“There were few cameras and only out-of-date film,” says Madeleine Plonsker, an art patron whose personal collection of contemporary Cuban photography will mount the walls at Jenkins Johnson Gallery next month. “They had to be resourceful.”

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