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Welcome to the World of Organic Farm-to-Front-Door Cannabis

It’s a mellow Friday afternoon in the rugged hills of Oakland. Water trickles in the koi pond on a tree-shaded deck, and a Wheaten terrier chills at our feet. Could this day get any better? Well, there are also six grams of organic cannabis, fresh from a farm in the Emerald Triangle, en route via courier to our front door. An email confirmation says, “We hope it puts a smile on your face.” 

If You Were President, What Would Your Secret Service Code Name Be? SF Sounds Off

Writer Beth Spotswood is one of our favorite local funny people. When she talks, we listen. And laugh. So today, when Spotswood poked a bit of fun at last night's Republican presidential debate, posing this all-important question on Facebook, we thought it necessary sharing. So we asked some interesting locals, If you were president, what would your secret service code name be? Here's what they had to say. Check 'em out, then head over to Facebook and tell us yours!

The Wait Is Over! Facebook Is Finally Working on a Dislike Button

Brace yourselves: The Facebook Dislike button is coming. 

Fall Food + Wine Events Worth Hitting the Open Road

Gas is actually affordable right now (knock on wood), so take advantage and hit the road for a culinary adventure at these top-notch food and wine events.

Shop Talk: The Perfect Fall Boot, a TOMS Warehouse Sale + Rare Jewels

If it's a fashionable way to spend, and happening in the Bay Area, we're talking about it in Shop Talk.

Crib Sheet: 6 Bay Area Street Artists to Know

No walk or bike ride around San Francisco is complete without a bit of rubbernecking to scope out the many vibrant murals that brighten up our city's streets. Learn the names of six of our favorite Bay Area artists who are awakening the streets of SF and beyond.

Property Porn: $15M Buys History and Luxury in Pacific Heights

If you're going to pay $15 million for a San Francisco home, why not select one with extravagant amenities, a storied history, and no immediate nosy neighbors? We have just the place.

#SFPortal Connects Locals With Strangers Around the Globe

"What would make today a good day for you?" That is the question curious visitors to this fancy gold shipping container, now at Proxy in Hayes Valley, are asking complete strangers from around the world in a groundbreaking public art project. 

4 Local Beauty Brands Empower Women to Create + Customize Products

For those of us who are a little bit Goldilocks about our skincare products—too greasy, too drying, just right—now is the moment we've been waiting for: Check out four Bay Area start-ups that are democratizing the beauty industry by customizing skincare regimens and even giving consumers a chance to co-create products ranging face masks, body lotions, and the ever-elusive perfect eye cream. 

Sneak Peek: Goldenvoice to Open Underground Music Venue Social Hall SF

An underground venue, long home to quieter private events, is emerging from the shadows as Social Hall SF. Look for public concerts and big events this fall.

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