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Let Your Holiday Freak Flag Fly: SantaCon is Coming to Town

St. Nick's getting rowdy this weekend: en masse.  SantaCon, the annual debaucherous (read: drunken) gathering of revelers dressed in Santa gear kicks of this Saturday at 12:12 p.m. sharp (12/12 at 12:12, tricky tricky!) at the Civic Center Plaza Christmas Tree.  The parade/stagger will then inject its dose of jolly at various gathering points/dance parties throughout the city. Check out the schedule here or follow the grand puba of SF Santas on Twitter at @sfsanta (hashtag #sfsanta).

Bad Santas

If you caught sight of thousands of red-and-white-clad local folk donning Santa apparel and belting out boisterous (and sometimes naughty) Christmas carols Saturday afternoon, it wasn't because someone slipped a roofie in your drink. Santas from all walks of life--big Santas, small Santas, heavily-bearded Santas, clean-shaven Santas, Santas in shades, Santas with elf companions--joined holiday forces in the spirit of SantaCon 2008.

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