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from scratch

Behind the Scenes of a Legendary Winemaker's First Solo Performance

If boldness is a key to success in the risky business of winemaking, then Michael Browne may have staying power. A rare winemaker, Browne counts flying on the trapeze and walking the high wire among his specialties. This month, the 45-year-old Santa Rosa resident celebrates his eccentric past with the release of his first estate wine project, Cirq.

Endive's Rise to Cream of the Crop

Rich Collins’ future was told to him as a dish of braised endive cooked on the stove: “This is what you ought to grow! I pay four bucks a pound for it.”

From Scratch: Humphry Slocombe Tweaks Breakfast (Ice Cream) Again

At first blush, Humphry Slocombe founder Jake Godby seems an unlikely candidate to open an ice cream shop.

From Scratch: Magnolia Brewery's Bonnie Lee's Best Bitter

The underbelly of the Upper Haight’s beloved Magnolia brewpub at first resembles a scene from The Matrix, with 1,800 square feet of cramped basement lined with steel tanks and plastic tubes. But Grateful Dead stickers and a friendly team of self-described “brewers with beards” are evidence of a more benevolent plot.

From Scratch: Drakes Bay Oyster Company

If you’ve eaten an oyster in San Francisco sometime in the past 80 years, there’s a good chance it came from Drakes Estero in Point Reyes.

From Scratch: See How Sightglass Coffee is Made

FourBarrel Coffee was the end of the line for brothers Jerad, 34, and Justin Morrison, 29, whose 10-year apprenticeship in specialty coffee took them through their childhood home of Oregon and the caffeinated mecca of Seattle before luring them to San Francisco.

A Cheese That's Equal Parts Land, Beast, and Man

It is hard to imagine a better place to be a cow this time of year than in the thick, knee-high rye grass that blankets the hills east of Tomales Bay. Here, cows graze and lounge around on the lush, green shag, returning to the dairy twice a day for milking.

A Gin that Tastes Like a Hike on Mount Tamalpais

Have you ever wanted to call bullshit when people say they can “taste the terroir” or felt like a dunce for your inability to distinguish “chalky soil” from regular old tannins?

Behind The Scenes: Slanted Door's Steamed Pork Buns

Food photographer Eric Wolfinger has shot local luminaries like Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery, Four Barrel's Jeremy Tooker, and Charles Phan of Slanted Door. As of late, he balances lense and pen as both photographer and writer for "From Scratch," a new column in the Eat + Drink section of 7x7 that we launched in the February Food Issue (on stands now!).

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