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SF International Film Fest

Greta Gerwig Elevates New Film to Potential Cult Classic Status

Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha, which he co-wrote with its star Greta Gerwig, is the kind of movie that could become a cult classic. Not because it's packed with gore or because it heralds the appearance of a new tranny-to-watch, but because it's just so damn likable and packed with chutzpah.

Our Top Seven Picks at the SF International Film Festival, Week Two

The San Francisco International Film Fest is halfway over, and highlights from week keep rolling in all over the web and locals, but there are still plenty of days left in the festival's fourteen-day run and a whole catalog of films to look forward to.

SF-Based Startup epoch Powers App for Film Festival Goers

Epoch App

The San Francisco International Film Festival is underway for the 56th straight year, but there’s something new from a technology angle this year– an iOS app developed by a Presidio-based startup, epoch.

Steven Soderbergh's State of Cinema Speech at SFIFF Gets Leaked

After the massive success of Magic Mike, ponderous failure of Side Effects and with the Liberace biopic Beyond the Candelabra coming to HBO in the next few months, director Steven Soderbergh shocked audiences and pundits by announcing his retirement earlier this year, allegedly due to frustrations with the industry. So who better than Soderbergh himself to give the SF International Film Festival’s annual State of Cinema speech this year?

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