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sf international film festival

The SF International Film Festival is Just Around the Corner

Inequality for All

For film fanatics and everyone interested in the arts and astounding creativity–so, basically all San Franciscans–two of the best weeks of the year are just around the corner. On April 25th, the SF International Film Festival begins, and the fun doesn't stop until May 9.

Our Quickie Guide to SF International Film Fest's Best Flicks

Our Quickie Guide to SF International Film Fest's Best Flicks

I'm working at the San Francisco International Film Festival this year, which means that by the well-tread 'rules of journalism' it wouldn't really be proper for me to cover it. Nonetheless, it's definitely the biggest event of the year for Bay Area film buffs, and 7x7 wouldn't want to leave you in the dark without a flashlight–especially with over 170 films on the docket. I've recruited a friend of mine, Hell on Frisco Bay's Brian Darr, to give you his picks for the first week of the fest:

Farewell, My Queen

Big Screen: SF Film Society Awards Gala

A blaze of flashbulbs lit up the St. Francis ballroom at the 52nd SF Film Society Awards Gala where high-wattage Hollywooders turned gala patrons into paparazzi.

The bad news? The ensuing rush to swarm honoree Robert Redford required hotel security to form a phalanx around the still-sexy septuagenarian star so he could safely return to his hotel room. Really, folks: we just don’t do that in EssEff.

SFIFF: Under the Influence

Everyone gathered at Tosca Cafe on Sunday seemed under the influence of silver screen stardust as they awaited the arrival of film star Gena Rowlands.

The beloved blonde and critically acclaimed actress was in town for a San Francisco International Film Festival screening of A Woman Under the Influence, in which she starred and was directed by her late husband, John Cassavetes who remains a towering figure of independent cinema.

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