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SF Jewish Film Festival

Mom vs. Mom: 7 Films to Watch This Week

Bay Area-based filmmaker Jeremiah Birnbaum's Torn, which won Best Feature at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and has been slowly and quietly making its way across the US since, can be a bit of a hard sell, but it's a film that deserves an audience.

Hot Docs and Family Secrets Abound at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

My Father and the Man in Black

Rising costs be damned–a film festival cold war is underway in San Francisco, and accordingly, the 33rd edition of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, which opened yesterday, hosts more films than ever.

Alex Karpovsky of "Girls" Brings His "Red Flag" to SF Jewish Film Festival

Alex Karpovsky

"In my mind it sounded so different from the way it came out. It sounded hilarious. But it came out so not hilarious."

Way back in 2009, when "mumblecore" was still a word you might say without being eye-rolled out of the room, Alex Karpovsky's first acting gig found him stumbling though the line above, which, odds are, will aptly describe his career for as long as he chooses to continue it.

Jewish Film Festival Spotlights One of the First Ladies of TV

If you think that Lucille Ball was the first lady of television, the pioneering funny lady who gave birth to the TV sitcom, you're sorely mistaken.

Gertrude Berg secretly holds that title. She wrote, produced and starred in TV’s first domestic comedy, a hit sit-com about a flagrantly Jewish family. In the documentary “Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg” --which played as part of the Jewish Film Festival last night-- we learn that Gertrude Berg was in fact the Oprah of her day.

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