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Photos: GiftCenter & JewelryMart First Look Celebration

On November 3, the famed GiftCenter & JewelryMart welcomed San Franciscans to their reinvented showplace in SoMa.

Guests to the free event indulged in sweets, treats, gems and jewelry while exploring a new entrance and expansive courtyard. Special cupcakes offered the chance to find gift certificates hidden inside, while live entertainment kept the mood festive while holiday shoppers got a headstart on their gift-giving lists.

With over 125 jewelry and accessories showrooms, the San Francisco GiftCenter & JewelryMart is the Bay Area's largest jewelry emporium, offering competitive wholesale pricing and award-winning custom designs.

Sparkle That Never Fades: Ashley Morgan for Gump's

The holidays and sparkle go hand in hand. One of the city's inspiration destinations is Gump's, with its glittering windows and luxurious gifts. This season, a new collaboration brings even more shine to Gump's: An exclusive Ashley Morgan jewelry collection, replete with intricate pavé detailing and rare gemstones.

Shop 'Til You Drop: November Sales

Beat the December holiday shopping rush, and knock out that hefty list early and pain-free this year. We've rounded up a handful of this month's sales that are sure not only to impress your friends and family, but also ensure that you have a great time spending the dough. Who said holiday shopping has to be a chore?

Top Shelf Boutique: On-the-Go Fashion

Move over, food trucks. Christina Ruiz is rolling into your territory with SF's first-ever fashion truck. The TopShelf Boutique founder first launched her "pop-up" store at Hayes Valley's Urban Air Market in May with much aplomb. If the food truck phenomenon could make such a big splash, there's no reason why the concept couldn't also take off with fashion.

SF's Zoe Bikini Recommends the Best Bikini Beach Locales

The designer behind the Mission's Zoe Bikini grew up in Santa Barbara, but she now resides in Marin with a sun deck and a bounty of bikinis. Zoe recently relaunched her website boasting her customizable swim styles as the Bay Area enters Indian Summer—the best time of year to wear a bikini locally (fingers crossed for beach days soon!). Here, the seasoned beach goer offers up her favorite sandy spots to show them off at.

Feistyelle: Statement Jewelry With All of the Drama and None of the Weight

Bold, heavy jewelry. It may be enchanting at first, but these heavyweights usually find themselves lonesome left in your jewelry box. That is the last thing local jewelry designer Leslie Yang of Feistyelle wants. Yang also wants to promote sustainable style. Combine laser-cut wool felt, vegan suede and bamboo ply, with sustainable standards, and you have a featherweight, eco-friendly accessories collection.

Lazy Glamour: Classy and Fabulous Panties With a Purpose

Lazy Glamour: Classy and Fabulous Panties With a Purpose

"Underwear is very personal. It should reflect our best self, and make us feel good," says Lazy Glamour founder, Kristina McMillan. May I add: It should also be cute. That's the thinking–and the look–behind Lazy Glamour, a San Francisco-based organic underwear company.

First Look: Heath Ceramic's New Mission Store + Opening Exhibit

Heath Ceramics just breathed new life into an old linen supply and laundry facility and added itself to the Mission's ever-growing roster of locally grown talent. The new retail space on 18th and Florida is so much more than a boutique, with an in-store chef's kitchen that will house local food items and serve as a gathering spot for events, a dedicated gallery that will host rotating shows throughout the year, a factory viewing court, and a Blue Bottle Coffee cafe (the latter two opening soon).

Brunch, Hike, Couch: DDCC Hoodies Have You Covered

Brunch, Hike, Couch: DDCC Hoodies and Tops Have You Covered

You know a Bay Area designer knows her stuff when she debuts a summer collection of hoodies as opposed to bikinis. Cozy chic enthusiasts will appreciate DDCC designer Diana Mitchell’s love for the hoodie and her five different styles for every hoodie mood.

Next Stop on Madewell’s Denim Roadtrip: SF!

Next stop on Madewell’s Denim Roadtrip: SF!

A couple of Airstream trailers have been cruising through the city lately, but none have been full of soft and adorable Madewell denim, until now. SF is the 13th stop on Madewell’s Denim Roadtrip with Seattle being the finale on May 19th. This Wednesday, take a fun break and stop by the shiny vessel parked on the corners of Grant Ave & Geary Street from 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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