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Silent Film Festival

Going East for the Silent Film Festival with Richard Marriott of Club Foot Orchestra

Club Foot Orchestra

To anyone under 40, a black-and-white, silent film created around the turn of century, like many shown in the Silent Film Festival (which opens tomorrow), can seem unfathomably old.

SF Silent Film Festival's Rare Screenings of Abel Gance's Masterpiece Napoléon Starts This Weekend

Movie enthusiasts have a ton to look forward to with all the excellent film fests that hit our city every year, and the SF Silent Film Fest is certainly in the top echelon. This time around, however, their lineup is extra special. Silent film aficionados can look forward to a super rare screening of Abel Gance's 1927 holy grail masterpiece, Napoléon.

Stellar Lineup at This Year's Silent Film Festival

Not only does the Silent Film Festival give aficionados the opportunity to view rare silent movies from the 1920s, but the restored 35mm prints are presented as they were meant to be seen: in a grand old theater (in this case, the Castro), accompanied by live musicians.

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