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silversun pickups

Outside Lands Video: Silversun Pickups

L.A’s Silversun Pickups brought the crowds streaming down the Polo Fields today, treating Golden Gate Park to favorites such as "Lazy Eye" and "Panic Switch." Check out their opener, "Well Thought Out Twinkies," below.


Outside Lands: Best Of Friday

SF’s second annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival is just days away. We can hardly wait for the weekend, and we’re especially excited for this year’s OSL night shows (details to come later today) to quench our thirst until Friday. But speaking of Friday, here are our picks for Friday’s must-see acts at Outside Lands. We recommend getting well acquainted with the stage layouts before showing up and running around. It’s going to be a tight schedule, so make sure you plan who you want to see beforehand. Here are our picks for the best of  Friday.

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