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sketch comedy

Killing My Lobster’s The Whole Megillah

Purim is a long and glorious tradition. Celebrated with drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Also, berating the prunes and poppy seeds that inexplicably crop up in otherwise edible cookies. Award-winning comedy group Killing My Lobster tackles this Jewish holiday of joy and hangovers in The Whole Megillah.

Among the deftly ridiculous scenarios: a music video expressing the festering hatred certain members of the Jewish faith feel toward hamantaschen (the aforementioned prune cookies), Apple’s latest contribution to technology and hipster credit card debt (called the iJew), and a retelling of The Book of Esther - if Esther and her cohorts had a propensity for dressing in drag.

Shitoberfest: Sketch Comedy of the Creatively Vulgar Persuasion

Shit shows are usually associated with far too much tequila, possibly served in the presence of strippers, and often provide concrete evidence of poor decision-making skills. Like watering your landlord's hydrangeas with recycled gin at 3 a.m. But PianoFight’s version of the S.H.I.T. Show - reintroduced as Shitoberfest after a sold-out nine week run - is a lot funnier than your average hangover.

Killing My Lobster Skewers SF Food Culture

Despite being named after such a delicious crustacean, it took Killing My Lobster more than a decade to haul their patented brand of quirky sketch comedy into the kitchen. Now that they’ve hit the pantry, their repertoire has expanded to include a bacon dominatrix (rather than the more obvious...stripper?) (sorry) (yeah, I’m not sorry at all), a warbling fish taco, and a man romancing his cake.


Killing My Lobster Goes Undercover

Tackling the wide world of espionage, amateur stalking, and clowns on pogo sticks, San Francisco's beloved sketch comedy group gives James Bond the lobster treatment. (The deliciously Scottish James Bond, rather than the Pierce Brosnan incarnation who, you must admit, fights like a girl.)

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