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Spare the Air Day

Spare the Air, Confess Your Carpooling Secrets

Today is Spare the Air Day, which means you should feel really guilty for driving, smoking, burning firewood, roasting a pig or attempting a hair-tease. And if you can't avoid getting behind the wheel, you should carpool. You'll save gas money, spare the air and maybe even meet your early-morning soulmate.

Don't Start a Fire Today! Don't Do It!

I know you’re tempted – I mean, it’s soooo cold outside, right? – but resist the urge to start a fire today.  Because it’s illegal.   Spare the Air Day is in effect until noon today – which means Bay Area residents are forbidden to burn wood or fire logs in fireplaces, wood stoves and outdoor stoves.  It’s a shame, because we’re kindof obsessed with all of these outdoor fireplaces featured in our sister magazine, California Home & Design.   But fires can wait – until tomorrow.

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