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He Might be Giant: A Day in the Life of Hunter Pence

When I was assigned to interview noted hitter Hunter Pence, in person for an entire day, I was thrown off guard. First, I like the guy. A lot. And second, unlike so many a glorified chef or socialite, he's an actual celebrity in San Francisco—not only famous, he's a hero. I had my fears.

Meet Bianca Valenti, SF-Based Big Wave Surfer

While we're anxiously waiting for this year's Mavericks to happen (the big-wave, one-day surfing competition will occur sometime between today and March 1), we talked to 28-year-old Bianca Valenti, San Francisco-based professional surfer and first female Big Wave World Tour champion, about beaches, women in the sport, and more.

Kevin Jorgeson Free Climbs 3,000 Foot Yosemite Wall

Right now, two brave climbers are in the middle of attempting to free-climb the world's steepest stretch of granite, half a mile up, in the peaks of Yosemite National Park. Professional climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell began their journey on December 27 and are the first to try to reach the summit of El Capitan's Dawn Wall in Yosemite using nothing but their hands and feet. If the two succeed to the top, they will make history by being the first to do so without any other tools but their bodies. 

MadBum Shows Off His Briefs on Jimmy Fallon

MadBum, the nickname given to MVP and local hero Madison Bumgarner, who, in part, helped the San Francisco Giants clinch their third World Series in just five years, appeared on The Tonight Show last night. Also making an appearance? His underwear on Jimmy Fallon's derrière.

San Francisco Giants Win the World Series!

For the third time in five years, your San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Tonight's 3-2 win against the Kansas City Royals cemented the team's status as a sports dynasty. All hail the Giants. 

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

The dream’s over – to Seattle goes the spoils.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

It always seemed inevitable that the 49ers’ quest to reach a second consecutive Super Bowl would go through Seattle.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

To Colin Kaepernick, in the end, the temperature was just that: a number.

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

When Phil Dawson nailed a 40-yard field goal as time expired to secure a 23-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, he accomplished two things: he clinched a hard-fought road win over a divisional opponent and booked the 49ers a trip to Green Bay to meet a familiar “friend.”

Bay Area Sports Beat: What You Need to Know Right Now

Love it, hate it, traverse the labyrinth that it is, and you’ll learn to (kind of) love it.

For Bay Area types, it’s an awful, terrible, let-us-never-mention-its-name type of a dungeon, but there’s still a strange, gripping, nostalgic place that tugs at the heart.

It’s the ‘Stick. We hate it, but it’s beautiful.

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