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st. vincent

First Bite: St. Vincent

First Bite: St. Vincent

The popular Heart Wine Bar abruptly closed last year when the owner decided to move back to New York, leaving a huge vacant spot on the corner of Valencia and 24th Streets. Not two weeks after opening in its stead, new "wine tavern" St. Vincent is jam-packed nightly, and already seems to be quite the second act at this address. Owner David Lynch trailblazed a $40 fixed price wine list during his last job as the sommelier for Quince and Cotogna, and he's forging into new terriority here at St. Vincent too.

St. Vincent At Bimbo’s: More Impressive Than The Album

The petite wide-eyed, curly-haired, crimson-lipped beauty took center stage last night, clearly dominating over all of her male counterparts. Premiering her new album Actor, Miss Annie Clark demanded attention from start to finish, manipulating her guitar in ways that were mesmerizing at the very least. The riffs were hard, everything was perfectly timed, embarrassing tour stories were told, and unfortunately, the time passed quickly. Forget the big stages though; St. Vincent is a cozy, in-your-living-room kind of show. Her sound could be easily lost on a big stage if it wasn’t for her striking demeanor.

Listen Up: This Week's Top Concerts

Another week of great headliners lies before us. The question we must ponder is not if we will see any of these, but which ones to choose. Here are just some of the highlights for this week:

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