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J.Hilburn Makes Shopping a Habit For Men

It's about time men's fashion got some attention. If the growing number of modern barber shops and menswear blogs is any indicator, soon enough men will be outshining women. Well, maybe not. But it's happening and men can finally shop the way men are meant to shop, which is very different from the way women shop. If anyone knows this, it's Hil Davis, the CEO of J.Hilburn, whose rapidly growing menswear business brings the luxury of the Italian mill to the masses.

Get Fitted: Design Your Own Handmade Shirt From Hiras This Week in SF

Custom clothing is making a major comeback and our latest discovery comes from Hiras. The British brand, known for its bespoke shirts, suits, and jackets for men and women, is currently in town - until Oct. 6 - to offer up its handmade services to sleek SF stylephiles.

Suit Up in Customized Clothing by Indochino

When it comes to suits, quality trumps quantity. While made-to-order clothing can lean on the pricey side, we came across a slick, yet wallet savvy bespoke brand called Indochino. No doubt, this amazing - and affordable - personalized suit maker will leave SF gentlemen in a fashionable tizzy.

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