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sunday streets

Sunday Streets Coming to Dogpatch and Bayview This Weekend

This coming Sunday, the southbound lanes of Third Street between 18th Street and Yosemite Avenue will shutdown to vehicular traffic, in order to host you, your furry friends, or even your bike. Yes, Sunday Streets is happening. And you should check it out. 

Chain Gang: Teach Your Kids to Ride Without Training Wheels This Sunday

Welcome to Chain Gang, our new weekly bike blog– your guide to Bay Area bike culture and happenings, and news.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike, maybe the first time you successfully raced down the street on your BMX (mine was fluorescent pink) or a big banana seat Schwinn. Now go back even earlier, to the arduous process of learning to ride. For most of us, that involved months of clunky training wheels, which were really nothing more than glorified shopping cart wheels that rattled along behind us. Not so anymore. Training wheels have gone the way of…well, banana seat bikes.

Scenes of the City: Sunday Streets on the Great Highway

For this week's Scenes of the City we took a bicycle ride on the Sunday Streets route through Golden Gate Park and turned south to follow the Great Highway to Sloat Ave where the event terminated. The day was full of lots kids running around, fun music, dancing in the street and even a bit of sunshine. 

Herald Spring at Public Works' Bikes & Beats Party This Friday

We San Franciscans never need an excuse to proclaim our love for bicycles, but when one comes around we'll pounce on it, big time. To celebrate the glorious, sun-drenched arrival of Spring, the San Francisco Bike Party is having an early evening group ride this Friday, May 6 from Justin Herman Plaza through Fisherman's Wharf, the Marina, down to Fort Mason, the Palace of Fine Arts, and ending at the Civic Center quad. Get in the spirit by adorning your bike and body with flowers!

So You Think You Can Dance Like Michael Jackson?

If you missed the Michael Jackson flash mobs around SF, you can participate in the next home-spun tribute to King of Pop at the upcoming Oakland Art and Soul festival on August 16. Area and national hip-hop dance companies (dancers from So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew will be there) will stage a dance tribute to MJ – which is a far finer way to remember Michael than to peer into his private boudoir via tabloid TV.


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