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super bowl

Yigit Pura's 49er Fever You Can Eat

The Prince of Pastry, a.k.a. our beloved Yigit Pura, is getting seriously into game day—and the national stage took notice.

Chips and Dip: The Best Super Bowl Bar Snack

Queso Combo at Marengo

The Super Bowl is around the corner, and with our dear 49ers going head to head against the Ravens, this is not the year to stay inside chowing down on delivery pizza. For this special occasion, I’m rounding up a list of the best chip-and-dip combos to munch on during half time.

Score Some of the Best Eats on Super Bowl Sunday (At Home or On the Town)

buffalo wings

Ah yes, Super Bowl Sunday is coming up quickly, and it’s like the entire city is conspiring to get you fat and drunk (well, except Mayor Ed Lee). Whether you’re looking for a spot where you can hang out with your fellow fans and yell at the TV with your mouth full of nachos (sorry, Mom), or are looking for ways to supply your house party with the finest spread possible, we’ve got you covered. 

Beers to Drink for Super Bowl XLVI

Beers to Drink for Super Bowl XLVI

Although the 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, we fans can still drink like champions while we watch the game. Because as far as beer goes in San Francisco, there’s no contest: Who’s got it better than us? That’s right, Nobody!

A Locavore's Guide to Wings and Muffulettas

I don't know much—er, anything—about football. I know that this year's Superbowl it's the Indianapolis Colts versus the New Orleans Saints, and because I like to make judgements based on food, I'm going to be rooting for the Saints. And while I might be a little weak on the finer points of touchdowns, first downs and tackles, I have very extensive knowledge in the field of salty snacks. I am a salty snack master from way back, and Superbowl Sunday gives me ample opportunity to eat things I normally don't. For example, I have not yet sampled Doritoes' zesty taco chipotle ranch flavor. I know, where have I been?

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