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Sweat SF

Sweat SF: Everything You Need to Know About Barry’s Bootcamp

"It's okay to be uncomfortable, being uncomfortable means you are working," Barry's Bootcamp instructor Tommy yelled over the thumping '90s-themed music as I reunited with my arch nemesis: the treadmill. This was pretty much in line with the quote tattooed above the doorway leading into the red-lit room: “If it’s not challenging, you’re not changing.” Well folks, consider me a new woman.

Sweat SF: A New Workout For Every Occasion in 2015

Looking to get fit in the New Year? Here are some of our favorite new workouts (plus who to do them with) that are sure to get you past that beginning of January craze and looking great. 

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Mission Cliffs

“Choke and poke.” I’ll admit, I laughed the first few times I heard the expression as our climbing instructor, Daniel, demonstrated how to tie a figure-eight knot. But after learning said knot would be my life-line as I ascended the wall looming over us, the giggles settled down pretty quickly.

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Fitmob

“That’s not sweat, that’s your fat crying,” Justin encouraged while we ran shuffle relays along the Embarcadero in front of the Cupid’s Span sculpture in Rincon Park. In between burpees, laughs, high fives, and some sight seeing, my fat cried a lot.

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About AirFit Altitude Training

The next time you hop on your bike, go for a run, or just hit the circuit after a few AirFit sessions, you'll feel like a super hero. 

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About SoulCycle

SoulCycle is the toughest workout you’ll ever love. Founded in New York in 2006, the body-rebuilding spinning-meets-support-group craze didn’t hit the Bay Area until 2013. Since then, it’s developed a rabid following in San Franciscans like Jaime Gagliardi, who describes the workout as a “Dance Party + Therapy + Triple Espresso while burning hundreds of calories.” How could we not try it after a plug like that?

Sweat SF: Everything You Need To Know About Avant-Barre

Avant-Barre is a genuine group-exercise unicorn — a truly adaptable workout that allows participants of a wide range of fitness levels to get involved, but still keeps every member of the class pushing hard for the full hour. You'll leave the class feeling fitness is attainable, and maybe even... fun? Yes, fun.

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