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Teatro ZinZanni

Joan Baez Does Teatro Zinzanni

From marching for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. to canoodling with cabaret magicians, Joan Baez has quite a resume. Finding romance with Ukrainian illusionist this summer, the legendary folk singer plays Madame Zinzanni to Yevgeniy Voronin's Maestro, celebrating their blossoming circus love with aerialists above and clowns under foot - all while you chow down on tuna tartare. 

Teatro ZinZanni: Psychedelic Cabaret + Steak

Longtime purveyors of quirky vaudeville, Teatro ZinZanni lures veterans from Cirque du Soleil and Moulin Rouge to create an intimate circus with aerialists in lingerie, tap dancing waiters, orgasmic cherries, tightrope-walking bears, and tasty soup.

The "Burning Man Opera" at Teatro ZinZanni: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

If donning your platform shoes to last weekend’s Decompression party didn’t satisfy your inner Burning Man or if you’re just curious about what exactly goes on at the desert festival, head to the "Burning Opera," How to Survive the Apocalypse, which is playing over the next two weeks at Teatro ZinZanni. The vaudeville rock opera tracks the story of three first-timers who head to the desert and are never again the same.

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