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Catch "Game of Thrones" Premiere at SF Opera House Tonight

Although the official premiere of HBO's wildly popular Games of Thrones happens on April 12, tonight San Francisco gets an early peek. The season 5 premiere party will happen tonight in SF, with the hopes of wooing our city's tech ilk and geek populace. Smart move, Home Box Office. Fans of the show should head over to the War Memorial Opera House at once to see producers and stars of the fantasy drama IRL. Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage — they'll all be there.

Dream Job, Much? Man Shops Globe For Anthropologie

To figure out one's preferred occupation,  guidance counselors are fond of asking what you'd do if you won the lottery; you know, after all the traveling and shopping had lost its luster. We always wondered if we could just let the trips and spending go on forever, much like Keith Johnson's job as buyer-at-large for Anthropologie. Since we haven't cracked that magic Mega Millions combo just yet, we'll have to content ourselves by living vicariously through Johnson, whose exploits will soon be televised on Sundance Channel's new show, Man Shops Globe.

Good Night & Good Luck to Analog TV in North Beach

This Friday, June 12, television officially goes digital. But you may not know that the inventor of the television, Philo T. Farnsworth (profile by late media theorist and career TV hater Neil Postman), transmitted the first TV image in his North Beach loft-turned-lab in 1927. To honor our local hero and mark digital TV's coming out, the SF Appreciation Society and UC Berkeley's Center for New Media will host a ceremony at Farnsworth's lab at 202 Green Street on Friday night, starting at 6:30pm.

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