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Tesla To Open San Francisco Showroom This Summer

No longer will you have to travel all the way to Corte Madera or Burlingame to check out the latest Tesla model. If all goes according to plan, Tesla Motors will open their first San Francisco showroom this summer.

Tesla Model S Update Comes Equipped With Autopilot Mode

Move over Google, Tesla is one step closer to bringing driverless cars to an intersection near you. 

Ben & Jerry's Tesla "Ice Cream Truck" Coming to SF

The fine folks at Ben & Jerry's (who, among other beatific acts, shove solid cores of caramel into their ice cream pints) are known for their earthy ways. Take climate change, for example: They want to do something about it. So, the brand introduced a shiny new Tesla Model S "ice cream truck" in New York this week as part of its “Save Our Swirled” climate change tour

Contrarian Elon Musk Goes All Open Source with Tesla, Promises Not to Sue Patent Violators

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On Thursday, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk announced on the company’s site (in a post titled “All Our Patents Are Belong to You”) that the electric car company would stop pursuing patent enforcement for anyone using their technology “in good faith.” (What that means exactly is still open to interpretation.) 

New Tesla Model S Being Lifted by Crane to Autodesk Gallery at One Market

Part of Market Street will be shut down this Sunday, and it's because they're lifting a car by crane into the Autodesk Design Gallery at One Market.

But not just any car: It's one of the new Tesla Model S Sedans, and it's being lifted two stories and through the arched windows of the building to its display perch at the Autodesk Design Gallery for the next few months. The car's just a design model, however, the real deal won't be available for purchase until 2012.

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