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thao nguyen

The Week in Local Music News

Butterfly Bones, Still Flyin', Social Studies and more scheduled to appear at the 3rd annual Rock Make Street Festival [via Rock Make]

Oakland beatmakers Elephant and Castle get some props fro Pitchfork [via Pitchfork]

11th Annual Oyster Fest Answers the Prayers of Local Oyster Lovers

Everyone I know is obsessed with oysters. Here in San Francisco, we eat oysters every which way: deep fried in po' boys, barbecued to succulent perfection, swimming in a citrus bath of Peruvian ceviche and half-drunk during happy hour along with an ice cold Guinness, lemon wedges and Tabasco. For those who count themselves true, salivating oyster-philes, it's pretty much the Super Bowl: the 11th Annual Oysterfest is coming to the Great Meadow at Fort Mason to celebrate the most revered of bivalves in a single action-packed afternoon on Saturday, May 15th.

T.I. Exclusive: We Get Down with Thao

San Francisco transplant Thao Nguyen and her band, The Get Down Stay Down, bring to the SF music scene fun, energy, and pure unadulterated joy. With their latest album coming out next week, Know Better Learn Faster, Thao and the band is poised to play the Treasure Island Music Festival on Sunday afternoon. Thao took some time to talk to 7x7 about the upcoming album and her love of making music.

7x7: When we spoke earlier this year, you were getting ready to headline Noise Pop. Now you're about to play Treasure Island. How have things changed for you and the band over the last 10 months?

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