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Thee Parkside

Pierced Arrows Play Thee Parkside this Halloween

Pierced Arrows Play Thee Parkside

If you've ever had fears of getting old–don't lie, we all have them– and wondered what you'd become after six or more decades on this earth, allow me to offer you some solace in the form of one of the coolest bands to ever grace a stage, fronted by two of the hardest-working people in the rock 'n' roll business. I'm talking about Portland band Pierced Arrows, the lovechild of Fred and Toody Cole and a favorite of a certain Eddie Vedder. They play a show at Thee Parkside this Saturday night that already stands out as an absolute must-see on a weekend crowded with Halloween house parties and dance floors crowded with costumes.

This Week in Fashion

1. Tory Burch: Accessories is now open at Westfield SF Centre. The 1,300 square-foot boutique is the first of the brand's accessories only shops, bursting with the iconic ballet flats and beloved leather bags. Our picks from the fall collection are above, and remember, you can still get TB clothing at the store on Maiden Lane


This Week in Fashion: The Tropics Grand Opening, Indie Mart Returns, Jonathan Rising Collection Preview, 'What I Wore' Book Debut + More

1. Waller Block Garage Sale and Craft Show on Waller St. (Waller St. between Fillmore and Steiner), Saturday July 16, 11am-4pm.

Talk about community and strong neighborhoods in SF! The Waller St. hood is teaming up for a 15 unit garage sale with 5 craft vendors this Saturday. You'll find everything from furniture to leather wallets to fine art -- new and used -- at bargain prices. 

2. The Tropics Grand Opening at The Tropics (727 Leavenworth St.), Saturday July 16, 7pm-10pm. 

SF based artist, Hannah Stouffer, is opening a small, highly curated boutique in the Tenderloin. The artist is stocking many of her own collaborations, along with other artist-printed good from lines like Blood is the New Black, Living Proof and Juxtapoze. Check out the new space and all of the goods, this Saturday, at the launch party.

Burger Boogaloo's Garage, Punk and Surf Band Weekend Takeover

For those who dig sweatier, grimier music that requires the legs to move and hearts to pound, look forward to getting depraved this weekend. From March 25-27, the Burger Boogaloo will invade Thee Parkside and El Rincon with some of the best trash-tastic garage, punk and surf groups to come through San Francisco in a while.

The ones we're most excited to see? Puerto Rico's best export besides rum, Davila 666, the sure-to-be-epic reunion of the Traditional Fools (Ty Segall's old band), Personal & The Pizzas, Strange Boys, Nobunny, and Culture Kids. After that, our heads start spinning. You will dance, you will rage, and you will not regret a second of it.

Our Favorite Bike-Friendly Bars

With all the new bike lanes being added to our city streets, we figured it was appropriate to celebrate SF's "bike-friendly" watering holes. Here's a list of some tried and true favorites:

Watering Holes for the Hungry: Our Favorite Bars with Bites

We've spent a lot of time thinking about the dual nature of bars and restaurants in SF. Obviously, restaurants with great cocktail, wine, and beer programs abound in the city, but on a busy night, dedicated drinkers can usually forget about snagging a table to drink first and eat second-- with people waiting, most restaurants won't allow lingering, especially if food isn't a priority. On the flip side, it's easy to darken the door of a beloved bar all night, but when it comes time for some ballast, drinkers are usually sent out in search of that late-night slice or burrito. With that in mind, here's our list of a few places where barflies can both drink to their heart's content, with no restrictions on seating, and snag a bite without having to leave. Have a favorite we missed?

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