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Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane to Appear at Castro Theatre Tonight for S.F. Premiere of 'Dark Country'

Film Noir Foundation founder and president Eddie Muller hosts Thomas Jane (HBO's Hung) for a special one-night-only screening of the actor’s overlooked 2009 directorial feature debut, the phantasmagorical road thriller Dark Country, tonight at the Castro Theatre. Tickets are available via Ticketweb.

Ray Stevenson Channels His Inner Punisher

Until a week ago, George Raymond Stevenson – that’s Ray to you – was best known to American audiences as Titus Pullo, a full-time soldier and unapologetic hedonist in the employ of Julius Caesar in the HBO series Rome.

How things can change. Now, the hulking, Irish-born actor, as quick with a toothy grin and as he is with a self-deprecating joke, can look forward to a lifetime of Comic-Con appearances and overzealous fan interrogations thanks to his energetic turn as Marine-turned-vigilante Frank Castle in Lexi Anderson’s Punisher: War Zone.

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