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Shocktoberfest at Thrillpeddlers

We're becoming alarmingly hard to shock these days, what with all our newfangled technology and mummified naivete. But Thrillpeddlers does its damnedest to shock the unshockable generation - and succeeds admirably. So if you want blood, titillation, and a higher-than-average possibility of high-pitched screaming this Halloween, check out Thrillpeddlers’ latest Shocktoberfest.

Thrillpeddlers Polish Up The Cockettes’ 'Pearls Over Shanghai'

For kids who were born too late to experience the fabulous freaks and drag delights of San Francisco’s world-famous underground song-and-dance company the Cockettes, your moment has come to truly sample the, ahem, wares of the groundbreaking psychedelic tranny troupe. The Cockettes may be gone, but it hasn’t been forgotten - thanks to the 2002 documentary The Cockettes and, notably, Devendra Banhart’s recent bouts of bearded-lady dress-up (commemorated with a fashion spread in The New York Times Magazine). The group gave safe harbor to performance icons like Divine and Sylvester amid the show tunes, bawdy bromides, and razzle-dazzle visuals, before it splintered in 1971.

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